The activities and objectives of the association

Association of Industrial and Medical Gases Producers was established in 2015.

The main objectives of the association:

  • promotion of consciousness relating to safety, protection of health and environment in the field of industrial and medical gases production, transportation and use, with the aim to reduce the risks of accidents relating to these activities, as well as to prevent pollution. Analysis and investigation of the causes of the accidents with the aim of preventing them and reducing their consequences as well as exchange of related information;

  • updating  organizational, and methodological framework for industrial safety of hazardous production facilities in the field of production of industrial and medical gases,  and performance of relating works/services, prediction of safety, reliability, and technical status of facilities and processing equipment; 

  • comments to and proposals on laws, regulations, directions and legal provisions of any kind including their drafts as well as related collaboration in state bodies and authorities;  

  • development and submission to state authorities of draft regulations relating to requirements for production of industrial and medical gases with the aim of harmonization of national, international, and regional requirements, as well as relating to the audit, examination, certification, diagnostics of the condition of production facilities for industrial and medical gases, appropriate useful life of equipment, including industrial and medical gas cylinders and other gas vessels; 

  • drafting, updating and distribution of guidelines, standards and recommendations and other normative documents in the field of activities of the Association;

  • provision of information, methodology, and consulting assistance to interested organizations;  

  • representation of the interests of Association Members at the national and international level;

  • organization of educational and informational activities (training, education, exhibitions, thematic seminars, conferences, round tables etc.);

  • investment of own and borrowed funds of the Association into cooperation projects with enterprises and organizations of the Russian Federation;

  • submission of proposals to government agencies in respect to the issues relating to activities of the Association in the cases and according to the procedure prescribed by applicable provisions of the legislation of the Russian Federation;

Members and Partners of the Association observe and comply with the Anti-Monopoly Compliance principles of the Association and the Meeting Rules which apply to all activities under the guidance of Association, including, but not limited to meetings of the Management board and General meeting of Association members.