The program of the Group the following:

  • SHEQ:
    -best practice and lessons of the incident.
  • Ownership of cylinders:

- the introduction in Russia of model "the owner of cylinders".

  • Standard tank 50 liters 200 bar:
  • approval of technical specification of performance "general" cylinders (50 liters, 200 Bar) for Russian producers. 
  • Issues of development of new standards:
    - participation of the Association in the preparation of new standards, including balloon valves (RPV for O2 med, thread).
  • The methodology of technical support of the imported cylinders:

 - Introduction of EU standards for technical support of cylinders (period, method, ACE, etc.).

  • Control of unfair suppliers of products and services:

- implementation of a system of control over illegal producers and illegal companies providing technical support services