HSE & Regulatory

The program of the Group  the following:

  • Work with regard to industrial safety:

- Experience exchange, practices in industrial safety;

-  Working out of uniform requirements for association members;

- Inspection of association members compliance with established requirements, creation of regulatory authority within the association.

  • Cooperation with regulatory agencies and certification:

- Possibility of influence on Rostechnadzor and other authorities law making activity, harmonization of legislation initiatives with European experience, rules and regulations; 

-  Issues of equipment declaration and certification.

  • Other urgent issues:

- Fulfillment of technical regulations of the Customs Union on safety of high-pressure equipment. Cylinders operational lifetime;

- Safe disposal of high pressure vessels, including cylinders;

- Issues concerning compliance with requirements of food safety standards, applicable in gas industry;

- Experience exchange with regard to organization of project structure, documentation, certification;

- Necessity of sanitary protection zone project at the filling stations.